Virgin London Marathon Part 5

touch and go for a while

On the 23rd Dec I ran a 4.21 mile run.  It was meant to be 4 but I extended it and got injured, the good news is that I stopped immediately, however it was a recurrence of the calf strain.  The better news is that it was the Christmas break so I had my rolling pin out and a few days of rest to let it get better.

A week later, no pain, success, and then a family member shows me their new treadmill.  So I decided to give it a go barefoot for a few mins.

Don’t ever do this. Ever……

Only 1 day out of calf pain and with no supportive shoe it was probably the worst thing I could have done, plus my body doesn’t tend to agree with treadmills anyway, something about the repetition and lack of variance in the running, plus the fact that you are not really propelling yourself in the same way.

So after some intensive recovery period (2 weeks) I am finally pain free, I have tested some newer supportive trainers, much better than my current ones, and ordered them online.   My actual running will resume when the shoes arrive and the excitement is building again.

I am now behind in my running.  The enthusiast in me wants to catch up yesterday.  I could certainly start running 7-8 miles in my mind and my cardio could take it. My calf however would not take it, and I should treat it as a novice calf so i will be starting again around the 5K mark, with a days rest incrementing around 10% at a relaxed pace.  At some point I will attempt to catch up but it cannot be in the first month of this, while the body is still healing, and the calf laying down and re-enforcing fibrin etc.

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