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Lots of literature on the Internet about cappuccino.  When I say cappuccino I am not talking about that powered frothy stuff that you get out of a packet that puts a bubbly colloid on the top of some boiled water … Continue reading

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Agile Estimation and Planning

Went to Martine Devos’ seminar on Agile Estimation and Planning last night and as always she was excellent. For me it was not that the subject matter was new because I had heard it previously when she took us through … Continue reading

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Agile, is it just a set of rules? part 2.., a tale of Yorkshire Puddings..

“So Rob” you say… “if its not a set of rules, then where do the rule come in?” “Ah ha” – I respond, well the rules come in at the beginning….  Check out the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition.  (  … Continue reading

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Agile, is it just a set of rules? Part 1 the danger of the rulebook

Part of being an Agile coach is that persuasion and communication is key. But is it as simple as a set of rules? Well….. no. You could argue it is by saying, Agile is having: Stand ups at 9.45 am … Continue reading

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