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Banishing Warlocks, Witches and other Magicians

Its TOO HARD Thats some of the problem with software development, its that it is perceived to be too hard. Someone is compiling code from over here and deploying over there to those servers with those tns names, and you … Continue reading

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How solutionising in your standup burns time you dont want to waste

This will be a very short blog. I have been to tonnes of standups…….. tonnes……, and its not uncommon to observe a lot of solutionising. You might also call it tunnelling; its when two people quickly dissappear down a tunnel … Continue reading

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Naked Standups

ah I see I have your attention 😉 I recently hosted a small session in an “unconference” in Deutsche Bank where we talked about daily standups, we talked about the various patterns of reporting, eg. what did I do yesterday, … Continue reading

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Pair Programming, “Recognition vs Recall” and Keyboard Shortcuts

I cannot find anything about this in suitable detail on the web so I am writing my own: what we “learned” in school IT students (including myself way back when) have been sold the story that recognition is much better … Continue reading

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