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we need to talk about technical debt

Technical debt is quite a big topic and not equally understood, especially in planning and business discussions , this blog post is an attempt to tease out some strands of┬átruth of technical debt. Having had the privilege of working with … Continue reading

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why superman has no love life

or corporate team dynamics and how heroes can hinder overall team progress “None of us, are as good as all of us” is a quote I frequently hear resounding in my head, Most memorably its times of high pressure where … Continue reading

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Cowboy Coders

I often hear this reference banded around, but no-one has really been able to clearly define what a “Cowboy Coder” actually is. We have all seen behaviours in our IT experience of “cow-boyish behaviour” or even know a few “cowboy … Continue reading

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Banishing Warlocks, Witches and other Magicians

Its TOO HARD Thats some of the problem with software development, its that it is perceived to be too hard. Someone is compiling code from over here and deploying over there to those servers with those tns names, and you … Continue reading

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