Based out of London. I provide a number of services for companies who are looking to improve the way they work by adopting a more Agile approach.

Sessions I have previously provided include:

  • 1 Day introduction to Agile Foundation course
  • 2 Day Agile/Kanban course (Kanban simulation with getKanban )
  • 2 Day Agile/Scrum course
  • Lego4Scrum Simulation
  • 2 Day Agile Leadership
  • Outcome based delivery
  • 1 Day Product Ownership Course

Workshops include:

  • Surviving Jira and Confluence while remaining Agile
  • Retrospectives (and the facilitation of)
  • Custom topics, often related to the 2 day courses, eg Product Ownership, Value Stream Mapping, Story Mapping etc…

Consultation areas:

  • Agile Transformations
  • DevOps
  • Approaches to Governance (I have written a governance framework previously)
  • Scaled Agile
  • 1-2-1 Coaching for key people

Key topics included in the above : estimation, prioritisation, defining value, agile “ceremonies”, User Stories, Vision, Roles, Backlog Refinement, Story Mapping, why good practices don’t work and what to do about it. Complexity thinking and much more….

If you or your company are interested in any of the above please get in contact by either emailing Rob @, or via Twitter or via LinkedIn.  Note: none of the courses above are “Certification” based courses, while often nothing wrong with them, these tend to be more expensive and also less flexible to the real needs of people wishing to become more Agile.  Additionally on their own they are not a guarantee of a team becoming Agile.

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