Born in Cheltenham 1978 Robert is a consultant specialising in Agile and Lean.

With a background in full stack Java development, he has worked with a number of clients including HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Vodafone, Wakefield Council, RBS and Everything Everywhere (EE) amongst others.

Robert first came across the concept of Agile development while at RBS where a consultant team from ThoughtWorks came and coached a greenfield project, introducing mainly BDD/TDD, XP (Extreme Programming) and “Scrum” concepts, this revolutionised his approach to software delivery.   This blog (or maybe its a bliki?) is here to share some of his observations which may be of use to others.

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In his spare time Robert enjoys walking with his family (pictured), movies, helping out in his local church as well as leading a running group.


the family selfie

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