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Agile Multitasking

I went to a skillsmatter session last night, and a great one it was too! All about how to “multitask” and “context switch” in an Agile manner (NOT!). Greg Gigon dismissed the myth of multitasking (well at least for the … Continue reading

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Why is Agile adoption fraught with danger?

Why is Agile adoption fraught with danger? Or more specifically, why does Agile seem to get a poor name in the larger corporations? Well I have been privy to a number of Agile methodology proposal forms, for the large bank … Continue reading

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The power of the phone camera

The power of the phone camera Whats the quickest way of recording data? Write it down? Take a recording? A printout of a whiteboard? (We’ve all seen those, and if you haven’t they look poor at best). This is where … Continue reading

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Agile Requirements by Collaboration

I recently attended the “Agile Requirements by Collaboration” presentation at Skills Matter lead by Ellen Gottesdiener from EBG Consulting. Here are some of the main points I got from it. Ellen described how collaboration needs to happen on several different … Continue reading

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