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why superman has no love life

or corporate team dynamics and how heroes can hinder overall team progress “None of us, are as good as all of us” is a quote I frequently hear resounding in my head, Most memorably its times of high pressure where … Continue reading

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Pair Programming, “Recognition vs Recall” and Keyboard Shortcuts

I cannot find anything about this in suitable detail on the web so I am writing my own: what we “learned” in school IT students (including myself way back when) have been sold the story that recognition is much better … Continue reading

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Agile Multitasking

I went to a skillsmatter session last night, and a great one it was too! All about how to “multitask” and “context switch” in an Agile manner (NOT!). Greg Gigon dismissed the myth of multitasking (well at least for the … Continue reading

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