Virgin London Marathon Part 10 – Quiz Night

Progress 279/367

Progress is on hold while my calf heals in time for the marathon, I have had it massaged and am currently planning to do a 2 miler on Saturday and then a 3 miler on Tuesday.  The rest of the body is fit considering early halt of training.

The Quiz Night is nearly here!

There are still tickets left, I have heard we already have about 8 teams, some of which have spaces for the odd couple of people here and there, and we have space for 2 more teams (as I write this) tickets are extremely limited.  Details for buying are here .

The Prizes and auction items

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of local Beckenham based businesses and a list of raffle prizes and auction item are (so far) as below.


  • Risto Italian Lunch for two (excl drinks timing conditions apply) (Thanks Francesco)
  • 30 Min Facial Treatment visiting your home, (SE London else surcharge applies) (Thanks Natalye-Marrie Boyce)
  •  Nandos Chicken Platter for two incl drinks.  (Thanks Taylor)
  • Two Odeon cinema ticket vouchers (Thanks Odeon team Beckenham!)
  • Zizzis meal for two voucher (thanks Lucas!)
  • Sunday afternoon tea for two at Nineteen Fourteas (thanks Tian and Gill)
  • Tommys Cuddly Toy (ahh)
  • Sparks Cuddly Toy (ahh)
  • Ahhnother cuddly teddy
  • Bubbly
  • Likely More coming!


  • We have a pair of Oil on canvas original paintings pictured below, thanks to Cairalee Hopwood:11075062_10153116493420155_1451372890_n
  • Have a room decorated with the labour free of charge (Thanks Colin) all you buy is the paint/materials.
  • Photograph print on canvas of Icelandic Mountain with Aurora Borealis – by David Clapp photographer of the year finalist 2014, the original was recently shown in the Natual History Museumdavid_clapp

*Ps If you are a local business you’ve promised something and we don’t have it yet then ping it over to us and we will update this page on the same day.

More about the quiz

Note the quiz rules are subject to change but here are some nuggets:

  • We will be starting on time so if you intend to have a chance to win, you should come at 6.30pm
  • All teams putting their mobile phones in the container in the middle for the duration of the quiz will get a huge number of bonus points added to their score
  • If they remove their phones for anything other than dire emergency then that bonus will be lost
  • Additionally any teams caught cheating will have an absurd number of points taken off
  • There will be a half time break where you can use your phones etc, lets call it a mini reprieve
  • Mellissa is the boss of point scoring and point fines and she is a meany
  • 10 rounds overall, including a music round, and picture style round
  • Points are added up as we go along so you can see how you are doing
  • Answers come at the end of each round when the sheets are gathered
  • Drinks are available, the more you buy the more the Charities make
  • All proceeds are split 50/50 between Sparks and Tommys
  • Remember to have fun, we really want people to remember this for a great laugh and an opportunity to feel good and be generous



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