Virgin London Marathon Part 6

no injuries but 367 miles to go!

Progress – 20 / 367 miles.

Finally, the legs are behaving themselves and I can begin to get traction with training.   The new shoes have arrived and I was very excited to meet them.


I am nearly as pleased with my new kit as William is with his new button moon rocket

The shoes arrived just in time for a 5 mile journey around my old school from around 20 years ago which was a nice blast from the past.   I have added elasticated laces to these shoes to prevent any swelling of the feet from causing blister or tightness issues for the longer mileage that I am running now.

My plan is now crystalised in the form of a whiteboard behind my desk at work.  Theres going to be 367 miles to run (including the marathon) which is enough to take me from London to Cologne in Germany.


Due to my recently recovered injuries I have been more relaxed when training and will do so for the next two weeks as I ramp up the mileage, hence no “fartlek” running until the muscles are not just pain free but completely healed.

its a long journey ahead, to be taken a mile at a time

its a long journey ahead, to be taken a mile at a time

Unfortunately one of my intended running partners has had to pull out of the marathon due to ligament tears while skiing so am feeling gutted for her.

 Fun Marathon facts

  •  After leading the pack through the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and the first 21 miles of the 26.2 mile run, John Dunbar lost his lead in the first ever Ironman triathlon because his crew ran out of water to give him, and switched to beer. He became drunk, and started running into parked cars.
  • Astronaut Sunita Williams ran an entire marathon onboard the International Space Station, simultaneously with the Boston Marathon, that her sister and a fellow astronaut were running in.  Thats the first marathon in orbit.
  • Will Ferrell completed the Boston Marathon in 2003 and fulfilled both of his goals: Finish in under 4 hours, and beat the guy dressed as Elvis.
  • The first man to finish the 1904 Olympics marathon rode in a car most of the way. The winner was carried across the finish line after ingesting poison. Fourth place took a nap en route. One of the two first black Olympians came in ninth after being chased a mile off course by wild dogs.
  • In 2011 Fauja Singh, a 100 year old British resident, became the first centenarian to complete a marathon.

Dont forget to give, Deutsche Bank is currently doubling it, the most efficient giving you can do this year!

All donations are gratefully received and will go to the Sparks Charity, which is a Childrens charity find out more here:  and please give here, no matter how small every penny makes a difference!

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