XTC (eXtreme Tuesday Club)

I thought I’d share my experience of going to the XTC for the first time.

Having heard that its ‘A regular London meeting (weekly) for XP newbies, practitioners, and experts. Like XPday it’s ‘more than just XP’. See some of the previous meetings for examples of what gets discussed”

Fortunately it was situated within walking distance of where I worked so 20 mins after work I arrived bang on 7pm to quickly find myself talking to a group of Agile enthusiasts. Some of them had extensive experience of their field of Agile, some moderate and some were newbies urgently seeking answers to their mid-project predicaments. Some knew eachother well and there seemed to be a core of a few practicioners who expertly worked their way around the groups so they weren’t stuck in cliques.

The topics of discussion ranged from rightshifting, to how to bring in TDD from a distributed perspective, to corporate agile adoption and even further developing the agile manifesto; Tweaking the delivery of “working software” into “business value” and identifying the fact that the “user” is a mythical beast and in fact there are a range of stakeholders out there as well as many personas of end users.

Some people ordered food, others ordered a mix of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, typically in proportion to how many questions they had. Note: If you are looking at taking notes (even mental ones) probably best to stay as non-alcoholic as you can.

Me slouching near the right of this picture, picture courtesy of Tom Gilb

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be going as often as I can.

The one I went to was this one: http://xpday-london.editme.com/XTC20101102

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